Guizmo, rapper / Technikart magazine
Jazzy-Bazz, rapper / Technikart magazine
Alexis Taylor & Owen Clarke, musicians of band "Hot Chip" /Snatch magazine
Sista So
/ back
Jean-François Kahn, journalist, writer, co-founder of French paper "Marianne" / Technikart magazine
Rap group 1995
János Benjámin Vértes aka Janó, CEO at Kolor, Budapest / Figyelö magazine
Anahi Nguyen co-founder of L'Habibliothèque, Paris / Libération
Diane Pernet fashion journalist and blogger
Peter Xu, fashion blogger
Jessica Chastain, actress
Élise Ayrault, journalist, daughter of former French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault / Libération
Véronique Lévy, sister of philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy / Libération
Sophie de Menthon, founder of ETHIC, former member of radio show "Grandes Gueules"/ Libération
Zoufris Maracas, musicians / Libération
Jérôme Guedj, politician, former president of Conseil général de l'Essonne / M Le magazine du Monde
Arnaud Montebourg, former Minister of Economy / Libération
Ramdane Touhami, owner of Buly cosmetics / O L'Obs
Saskia Cousin, anthropologist / Libération Next
Sophie Tapie, singer, daughter of Bernard Tapie / Libération
Alain Marhic, founder of March LA.B watches / O L'Obs
Olivier Strieff, chef / Libération
Monica Sabolo, writer at Café de Flore / O L'Obs
Yann Lecun, computer scientist, director of Facebook lab of Artificial Intelligence / Libération
Raphaël Domjan, eco-explorer / Libération
Raphaël Glucksmann, documentary director, writer, son of philosopher André Glucksmann / M Le magazine du Monde
Olivier Leurent, magistrate / M Le magazine du Monde
Bloggers from the Bondy Blog / Libération
Tommy Ton, photographer, fashion blogger / Vogue Paris
Virginia Smith, Fashion Market and Accessories director at Vogue US / Vogue Paris
Vincent Macaigne, actor / Néon magazine
Dan Bronchinson, actor / Libération
Youssoupha, rapper, founder of Bomayé musik / Les Echos
Pierre Laurent, first secretary-general of french communist party
Vincent Lindon, actor / Vogue Paris
Michel Gaubert, Sound designer / O L'Obs
Lucien Pagès, director of PR agengy "Lucien Pagès" / O L'Obs
Alexandre de Betak, scenographer / O L'Obs
Nicolas Ouchenir, calligrapher / O L'Obs
Tom Pecheux, make-up artist / O L'Obs
Odile Gilbert, Hair stylist / O L'Obs
Maida Gregory-Boïna, casting director / O L'Obs
Philippe Cerceau, Light designer / O L'Obs
Laurent Stefanini, diplomat, former Chief of protocol of French government
Justin O'Shea, fashion buyer
Julie Basset, chef
Annelise Michelson, jewelry designer
Yann Frisch, magician
Antonin Peretjatko, film director
Antonin Peretjatko with Vimala Pons and Vincent Macaigne starring in his comedy "La Loi de la Jungle"
Antoine Genton, journalist
Wendell Pierce, actor
Violette d'Urso, daughter of Inès de la Fressange
Estella Boersma, model
Proenza Schouler designers, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez
Bruno Retailleau, politician, senator of Vendée, president of group Les Républicains at french senat, posing with the portraits of historical characters Georges Clemenceau and Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, both natives of region Vendée.
Beau Clugston and Emil Glaser, chefs at parisian restaurant Le 6 Paul Bert
Alain Duhamel, journalist, writer and political commentator
Brigitte Gothière and Sébastien Arsac, animal freedom fighters, co-founders of association L214
Mathilde Favier, VIP director at Dior
Roxanne Varza, director at Sation F, world's biggest startup campus based in Paris
Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, politician, Minister of Education and Research
Augustin Trapenard, journalist, book critics
James Gray, film director
Benoît Hamon, politician, candidate of French Socialist party for 2017 presidential elections.
Jean-Michel Othoniel, artist
Tony Estanguet, three times Golden Olympic champion and World champion of canoe, co-president of Paris candidature for the 2024 Olympic Games.
Pierre Danon, businessman, involved in François Fillon's campaign for presidency.
Paul Vannier, politician, teacher
Mounir Mahjoubi, politician, Secretary of State for Digital
Antoine Pavamani, politician
Max Guazzini, businessman, former director of Parisian rugby team Stade Français and radio channel NRJ
Laurent Ballesta, scientist, photographer, specialised in deep diving photography
Michel Hazanavicius, film director
Carla Sozzani, galerist, former fashion journalist, founder of concept store 10 Corso Como
Massimo Canturi, businessman CEO of Comdata Group
Anonymous portrait of a sperm giver who knows who he's helping before giving (that is illegal in France).
Gérald Darmanin, french minister of Public Action and Accompts
Delphine Batho, politician, former minister of Ecology
Françoise Nyssen, Culture minister, director of Actes Sud publishing house
Haroun, humorist
Michel Denisot, journalist, TV show producer, editorial director of Vanity Fair France
Emmanuelle Lepine, psychologist, founder of the psychological department for the Paris Police Prefecture.
Guillaume Meurice, humorist
Stéphane Gatignon, former major of Sevran (Saint-Denis), he decided to quit his job after 17 years, because of the hard working conditions in Parisian suburbs.
Eddy de Pretto, singer
Sonia Krimi, politician
Adwoa Aboah, model
Christophe Castaner, politician, serving as the Executive Officer of "La République En Marche", also Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations under Prime Minister Édouard Philippe.
Antoine Compagnon, historian of french litterature
Moha la Squale, rapper, recognised by a group of fans on street.
Morten Thuesen & Letizia Caramia, designers, founders of Older Paris
Jean-Marc Dumontet, theater producer, owner of many Parisian theaters
Andrea Bescond, dancer, theater performer
Eliane Viennot, historian, teacher, writer, active feminist