Publication of one of my pictures from the series "London Couriers" in the book A 100 Ideas that changed Street Style, Laurence King Publishing, 2014
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Alexis Taylor & Owen Clarke, musicians of band Hot Chip for Snatch magazine, July 2012
Flyer of the exhibition "London Couriers" at Focale gallery, Nyon, Swiss, May-June 2011
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Exhibition of "London Couriers" at Les Boutographies festival, Carré Saint-Anne, Montpellier, France 2010
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The portrait of Faso selected in Portait Top 40 for a group exhibition at KL photoawards, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012
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Portrait of rap group 1995 published in Bikini magazine, January 2012
Views from the prototype of the book Néprajz (going with a documentary film that is already available) directed by artist Slow about the hungarian street-art and graffiti scene, done for a competition of the Ethnographic museum "Madok". The book presents 22 artists, with interviews and works, all the photographic work of the book was done by Iorgis Matyassy, Budapest 2010
Catalog of Mois de la photo Off that the group exhibition "De Montpellier à Paris" was part of, Paris 2010
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Catalog of Les Boutographies festival where "London Couriers" was exhibited, Montpellier, France 2010
Article about "London Couriers" during the exhibition at Focale gallery, La Côte, May 2011
Article about "London Couriers" during the exhibition at Focale gallery, Femina, May 2011
Catalog of the Annual Group Exhibition Jeune Création, 65 edition at Centquatre-Paris, October 2014
View of the selection of Poz at the exhibition Jeune Création, Centquatre-Paris, 2014
Marie-Alix Canu-Bernard, lawyer of Amedy Coulibaly responsible of the death of 5 people early January in Paris, for M Le magazine du Monde, February 2015
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Zoufris Maracas, musicians, for Libération, May 2015
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Jérôme Guedj, politician, considered as a "frondeur" because of his positions against the government, for M Le magazine du Monde, May 2015
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Make it work, le théâtre des négotiations by Science-Po Paris, at Nanterre-Amandiers, for Libération, June 2015
Flora Mikula, chef, for Libération, June 2015
Olivier Streiff, chef, for Libération, June 2015
Dogs during they haircut at parisian grooming salon Marie Poirier, considered as the first french dog hair stylist, Libération, July 2015
Raphaël Glucksmann, director, writer, son of philosopher André Glucksmann, for M Le Magazine du Monde, July 2015
Sophie Tapie, singer, daughter of businessman Bernard Tapie, for Libération, July 2015
Saskia Cousin, anthropologist with mask "Yovo" (The White), done by artist Théodore Dakpogan in Adjara, Bénin, for Libération Next, June 2015
Roommates living in parisian social housing, Libération, September 2015
Currently homeless people, living in they car all over the country, Néon magazine, September 2015
Monica Sabolo, writer, at Café de Flore, O Le cahier de Tendances de L'Obs, September 2015
Yann Lecun, director of Facebook laboratory of Artificial Intelligence, Libération, September 2015
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Youssoupha, rapper, Les Echos, December 2015
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Julie Basset, chef, Grazia, March 2016
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Pierre Laurent, first secratary-general of French communist party, Libération, February 2016
Cicciolina party at Folies Pigalle, during Parisian Fashion week, Libération, January 2016
Sébastien Martinez, French champion of Memory, Libération, June 2016
Bike road trip to the sea with a group of teenagers out of the regular educational system suffering from social troubles, together with a group of mentally deasebeld teenagers, all from the city of Châlons en Champagne. Article written by Pauline Grand d'Esnon, Néon magazine, June 2016
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Laurent Stefanini, diplomat for UNESCO, Libération, April 2016
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Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, fashion designers of the brand Proenza Schouler, Libération, September 2016
Reportage at one of the parisian fast food restaurant Chipotle, Libération, July 2016
Director Antonin Peretjatko with actors Vimala Pons and Vincent Macaigne starring in his comedy "La Loi de la Jungle"/ Les Inrockuptibles, June 2016
Yann Frisch, world champion of magic, Libération, June 2016
Antoine Genton, journalist, Libération, November 2016
Wendell Pierce, actor, Les Inrockuptibles, November 2016
Project I shot after Paris 2015 terror attacks at Place de La République, published in Les Inrockuptibles, Special issue "La vie après le 13 Novembre", October 2016
Thierry Petit, co-founder of, specialised in reduced sales, Les Echos Week-end, October 2016
Portraits of peolpe studing at "Science-Po Paris", or trying to integrate the school, via they program which alows good students coming from areas were education level is low to enter with a special type of entry exam called "CEP" that exists since 2001, Neon magazine, October 2016
Reportage during the construction of "Biennale de Antiquaires", Paris Grand Palais, Les Echos Week-end, September 2016
Beau Clugston & Emil Glaser, chefs at parisian retaurant Le 6 Paul Bert, Les Inrockuptibles, January 2017
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Brigitte Gothière & Sébastien Arsac, co-founders of association L214 that is fighting against animal suffering in slaughterhouses, Libération, January 2017
Alain Duhamel, journalist, writer and political commentator, M Le magazine du Monde, December 2016
Raphaëlle Giordano, writer, Libération, December 2016
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Roxanne Varza, director at Station F, World biggest startup campus based in Paris, Les Echos Weekend, April 2017
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James Gray, film director, Les Inrockuptibles, March 2017
Augustin Trapenard, journalist, book critics, Libération, March 2017
Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, politician, Minister of Education and Research, Les Inrockuptibles, March 2017
Bruno Retailleau, politician, senator of Vendée, president of group Les Républicains at french senat, M Le magazine du Monde, February 2017
Bloggers from the Bondy Blog, Libération, May 2016
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Max Guazzini, former director of parisian rugby team Stade Français and french radio station NRJ. M Le magazine du Monde, May 2017
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Laurent Ballesta, scientist, specialised in deep diving photography. Libération, April 2017
Carla Sozzani, galerist, former fashion journalist, founder of concept store 10 Corso Como, sister of Franca Sozzani (former Editor in chief of Vogue Italia). Vogue Paris Collections, November 2017
Anonymous sperm giver, North of France, Néon magazine, October 2017
Reportage at Paris fashion week Spring/Summer 2018, with constant publication in the newspaper and online. Libération September/October 2017
Gérald Darmanin, minister of Public Action and Accompts, Libération September 2017
Delphine Batho, politician, former minister of Ecology, M le magazine du Monde, June 2018
Trix the T-Rex is in Paris for an exhibition, reportage at an auction on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower where a dinosaurus skeleton was sold for almost 2 millions euros, Libération, June 2018
Françoise Nyssen, Culture minister, L'Obs, June 2018
Haroun, humorist, Le Monde, May 2018
Emmanuelle Lepine, psychologist, founder of the psychological department for the Paris Police Prefecture, Society, May 2018
Sunglasses of the summer, Vogue Paris, May 2018
Reportage at Afterdrop, Parisian shop specialised in collector sneakers and streetwear, Grazia, May 2018
Sonia Krimi, politician
Sonia Krimi, politician
Sonia Krimi, politician, Libération, April 2018
Guillaume Meurice, humorist, Le Monde, April 2018
Michel Denisot, journalist, TV show producer, editorial director of Vanity Fair France and racehorses owner, Dada, April 2018
Stéphane Gatignon, former major of Sevran (Saint-Denis), Society, April 2018
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Eddy de Pretto, singer, shot in his parisian suburb hometown Créteil, Grazia, April 2018
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Jean-Marc Dumontet, theater producer, owner of many Parisian theaters, L'Obs, February 2018
Moha la Squale, rapper, Les Inrockuptibles, February 2018
Eddy de Pretto, singer, Les Echos Weekend, February 2018
Christophe Castaner, politician, serving as the Executive Officer of "La République En Marche", Society, January 2018
Reportage at Johnny Hallyday's national funeral, Les Inrockuptibles 2 "Bye bye Johnny", January 2018
Reportage about live streaming systems in clubs (directy accessible via Facebook), Libération, November 2017